Food and wine pairing: aperitif, foie gras, exotic cuisine, strong cheeses, desserts.

Serving temperature: 8 to 10°C.

Conservation: 8 to 10 years.

Analytical parameters:

Alcohol: 13.33% vol.
Total acidity (tartaric): 3.5 g/l
Residual sugar: 31.8 g/l
Type of wine: sweet wine

Grape variety:

World known, Gewürztraminer is the original vine blend of Alsace and alone his name reflects its spicy character.

His small pink berries particularly appreciate sonny exposures.

In his youth, this wine will seduce you with his spicy and rose fragrances which, after one or two years of keep, will develop into a spicy lychee and floral aroma lingering long on the palate.

A great wine for your receptions, aperitif and dessert.

Ideal wine for foie gras. Will marry well with the spicy flavours of Chinese, Thaï and even Indian cuisine, blue and soft cheese.