Our estate is a family estate. The art of growing wine has been passed down from father to son, starting in the 18th century. Six successive generations have thus perpetuated traditions.

In the 1950s, polyculture was an important characteristic of the farm. Wine growing was only part of the activity and the wine was mostly sold to merchants, who were very eager to buy Riesling wine from our ancestors in Scherwiller.

Harvesting in 1946


3rd generation: Xavier HAAG (bottom right)
4th generation: Honoré HAAG (at the bottom, in the middle)
5th generation: Robert HAAG (on the horse)


In the 1960s, Robert HAAG directed the business into trade
with bottled wine and slowly increased the growing surface.

Vendanges en 1982
Harvesting in 1982

Les fils Haag en 1982
The sons of the family Haag in 1982
On the right: François


François HAAG then joined his parents with new knowledge acquired thanks to winery studies in 1988.
In 1999, he took over the reins of the estate. From then on, he kept developing it, with the construction of a storage cellar, an office and a tasting room for example, or different investments, like for the thermoregulation of the barrels...
Today, the estate spreads over 8.50 hectares near Scherwiller.
Half of the plants are Riesling vines.
Passion, strong belief in our profession, respect for the land and its traditions, experience and modern techniques are all elements that contribute to the best results.

This is the reason why, as wine growers, we respect vines and their environment, providing you with unique and outstanding wines.

Haag père & fils